Write a high school research paper ppt

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Write a high school research paper ppt

Students will plan and develop one research report, practicing and mastering each step of the research process before moving on to the next step. At the end of the class, students will be able to plan, develop, draft, and revise a research paper with parenthetical citations and Works Cited page, all utilizing MLA style.

This course will prepare students for writing research reports for school assignments.

Successful Sample Statement of Purpose for Graduate School

Students select a general topic for research, they make a list of key words to help search for information, and they find an overview of their topic. This is probably the most time-consuming part of the research paper.

Students refine their research subject and write a statement of purpose on their chosen topic. Unit 3 — Compiling and Organizing Information Students brainstorm questions about their focused topic, group questions under similar headings, and add any new questions.

In this phase, students begin to create an outline. They also begin thinking about a thesis statement and a Works Cited page.

write a high school research paper ppt

Unit 4 — Preparing to Write After completing the outline, students start thinking about the first draft. Brainstormed questions guide the note taking. Unit 5 — Writing the Body of Your Paper Students refocus the thesis statement if necessary and write the body of their paper from their outline and notes.

Unit 6 — Introduction, Conclusion, Citations Students use this time to write the introduction and conclusion. It is also the time to include the parenthetical citations in the body paragraphs. Any parenthetical citations must have a corresponding listing on the Works Cited page.

This is the part that trips up many a student when composing a research paper, so they spend this week working on overcoming any confusion or problem in this area. Unit 8 — Final Draft Students now must carefully evaluate, revise, and proofread their paper.

Once finished with the laborious writing of the research paper, they must go through this part of the process more than once in order to submit their very best work.Blog How to Write a Research Paper in 11 Steps September 16, This post was written by Todd VanDuzer It’s a beautiful sunny day, you had a big delicious breakfast, and you show up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for your first class of the day.

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How to Write a Research Paper Why do you need to learn how to write a research paper? Because in high school and college you will be asked to write many research papers, and you need to learn what goes into writing a successful paper.

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