The main features and performance of a fastcgi application

FastCGI provides a high-performance alternative to the Common Gateway Interface CGIa standard way of interfacing external applications with Web servers that has been supported as part of the IIS feature-set since the very first release. CGI programs are executables launched by the web server for each request in order to process the request and generate dynamic responses that are sent back to the client. Because many of these frameworks do not support multi-threaded execution, CGI enables them to execute reliably on IIS by executing exactly one request per process.

The main features and performance of a fastcgi application

Net uses a threaded architecture that is very much a part of the web server it's self.

The main features and performance of a fastcgi application

Static variables retain their value between requests and in between users. This is where ASP. Net get's most of it's speed advantage from. The shared memory is stored inside each individual process, and between threads.


Separate processes do not share memory. So when you scale beyond one server, much of this advantage is lost. This means that any common information either has to be fetched from a common store or entirely regenerated.

Most major operations in PHP are calling modules written in C, so they are lightning fast. PHP executing on it's own is not as fast as a compiled language, but is by no means slow. There are very common modules for PHP which cache compiled in memory versions of the code, and can increase performance between 4 and 10 times.

What is CGI, FastCGI?

Memcache offers a slightly slower but better scaling between physical servers solution to persistent shared variables. Net offers much more formalism and structure. But bad programmers can make a mess in any language. If you choose ASP. Net you should investigate some of the excellent NON-Microsoft libraries for development.

Even though it takes a speed penalty, it is easier to develop in and less complex to scale up even if it would require more PHP servers than. Servers are much cheaper than programmers. If there is a performance bottleneck, it's gonna be the database, not the webserver.


And actually, PHP requries less servers than. NET, at least on Linux. To add one statement to yours, nginx is a multithreading based server, so it consumes a lot less memory under heavy load gigabytes, not just megabytes than process based servers, such as Apache.

On the other hand, if one user encounters a bug that makes the server crash, it crashes for all currently connected users. On apache, only the process of the current user crashes, and all others remain unaffected.

It's asking about the better environment in which to run ASP.

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They are both virtual machines on the same hardware running in virtual box. The actual machine is a Core i5.Jul 25,  · FastCGI/Php Concurrency. Description: This is actually two parameters, the first is the maximum concurrent requests and the second is the number of requests that can be executed by a fast CGI process before the process is recycled.

Remote Server. Server - The remote server machine address..

The main features and performance of a fastcgi application

Site / WebApp - The existing web site/application name on target IIS Server in which the package will be published. The package can also be published in a web site/application installed by the main setup package. Performance tuning recommmendations for IIS web The main purpose of both the idle worker process page-out and idle worker process termination features is to conserve memory utilization on the server, since a site can consume a lot of memory even if it’s just sitting there, listening.

Frequently creating and deleting CGI processes. Overview The element contains a collection of elements, each of which creates a FastCGI application pool definition. Inte. NGINX is the heart of the modern web, powering half of the world’s busiest sites and applications. The company’s comprehensive application delivery platform combines load balancing, content caching, web serving, security controls, and monitoring in one easy-to-use software package.

Why is FastCGI /w Nginx so much faster than Apache /w mod_php?


by Nginx & Light are going to be awesome at server static content because they can use various event-based features of an OS to pump data without any thread at all.

One is from the client to the webserver over HTTP and one from the webserver to the application using FastCGI.

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