The judges sentences and deterrence in discouragement from committing illegal acts

Competition Policy in the Global Trading System: Perspectives from Japan, the United States, and the European Union Sponsored by the University of Oklahoma College of Law and The Center for Global Partnership - The Japan Foundation Washington, DC June 23, In recent years, there has been a remarkable convergence of thinking internationally on the evils of price-fixing, bid rigging and market allocation agreements among competitors and on the need to eliminate and deter such hard core cartels. The OECD concluded that hard core cartels "are the most egregious violations of competition law" and went on to urge member countries to "ensure that their competition laws effectively halt and deter hard core cartels" particularly through "sanctions of a kind and at a level adequate to deter both firms and individuals from participating in such cartels.

The judges sentences and deterrence in discouragement from committing illegal acts

UN-2 Moreover, it has adopted deterrent legislation to curb the illegal possession, import, manufacture and transfer of such weapons.

UN-2 It is the role of the international community to enhance the capacity of those national institutions, which are not only key to accountability but are also critical for deterrence, and therefore to breaking cycles of violence and instability.

EurLex-2 The Commission shall take appropriate measures ensuring that, when measures financed under this Regulation are implemented, the financial interests of the Union are protected by the application of preventive measures against fraud, corruption and any other illegal activities, by effective checks and, if irregularities are detected, by the recovery of the amounts wrongly paid and, where appropriate, by effective, proportionate and deterrent penalties.

Giga-fren By limiting strategic missile defense, the old treaty provides a certain predictability of deterrence for all nuclear weapon states.

The judges sentences and deterrence in discouragement from committing illegal acts

UN-2 In addition, landmines are being used on the front line as a measure of deterrence and in order to prevent possible attacks and the resumption of hostilities.

EurLex-2 The taking into account of the deterrent effect of the fines forms an integral part of weighting the fines to reflect the gravity of the infringement ABB v Commission, paragraph UN-2 As a first step, a real change is needed regarding the aggressive Nuclear Posture Review of the United States and a removal of the emphasis on the old doctrine of nuclear deterrence.

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EurLex-2 The German Government also points out that education is, in general terms, a deterrent, as it makes the potential victims of forced marriages less vulnerable to manipulation. EurLex-2 It will also be necessary to take account of the effective economic capacity of offenders to cause significant damage to other operators, in particular consumers, and to set the fine at a level which ensures that it has a sufficiently deterrent effect.

UN-2 A credible international military deterrent will therefore remain a key component of the post-Bonn framework until Afghan security institutions are fully established and functional.

MultiUn The decision to raise the minimum age of marriage to years to all males and females, irrespective of the laws to which they may be subject except Muslim Lawis in recognition of the welfare of the nation, on the grounds of health, eugenics, as a deterrent against maternal mortality and as a salutary measure on the birth rate and the current population policy of the State UN-2 Limiting the role of nuclear weapons to deterrence does not remove the possibility of their use, nor does it address the risks stemming from accidental use.

Giga-fren Fifth, intensive audit of flag States is necessary, but will only achieve its full potential as a deterrent to reflagging by more widespread participation in UNFSA and other relevant agreements.

ProjectSyndicate But a comprehensive deal with Iran — and the need to preempt future epigones — requires a broader change: UN-2 Continued reliance on nuclear deterrence and the assumption that nuclear weapons would be maintained indefinitely was unacceptable.

Found sentences matching phrase "deterrence". Found in 9 ms. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. They come from many sources and are not checked. Check translations in other languages:National Institute of Justice ment, specific deterrence, and incapacita-tion.

The results of controlled studies of different punishments cannot be compared because experiments with different sen- the sentences they imposed, the judges recorded their perceptions of .

In an effort to eliminate the inequities of disparity by removing judicial bias from the sentencing process many states and the federal government have turned to _____, which require judges to dispense legislatively determined sentences based on factors such as the seriousness of the crime and the offender's prior record.

judges over how often to follow the Guidelines, as well as significant regional variation in Guidelines compliance rates. 8 They have also led judges to issue a large number of below-Guidelines sentences for certain crimes, such as.

The definition of deterrence is "the maintenance of military power for the purpose of discouraging attack." (Merriam Webster Dictionary). With this definition in mind, a nat ion that is (or.

This concept of affecting behaviour with punishment is referred to, in sentencing law, as ‘deterrence’ and has been a purpose in sentencing law for ’s of years.

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Within ‘deterrence. For example, on December 20, , the 6th Circuit affirmed above-Guidelines sentences in two cases as appropriate exercises of the sentencing judges’ discretion under the facts of each case.

In United States v.

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