Possible effects and solutions for the y2k issue

Typically the audience is broader, for example, additional Customer representatives may choose to attend this demo. Therefore, the PI system demo tends to be a little more formal, and some extra preparation and staging are usually required.

Possible effects and solutions for the y2k issue

Hiring better employees who can work effectively together within a diverse workplace who are also able to deal with conflicts in a professional manner. The problem I am working on is fostering team camaraderie without the workplace feeling like they have to do team building or team outings.

Within my organizations there are many different personalities dealing with each other continuously, often forcing people to work together even if they do not get along. Most of the team adults can handle these task, but there are times when people just rub the other the wrong way leading to confrontation.

These actions can be detrimental to an organization forcing a high rate of turnover, team separation, undo tensions within the team;organization. I think these issue can be avoiding by identifying potential problems before they become real problems, addressing the issues and having an open door where all employees feel comfortable talking with management about anything.

I see ways this could have been avoided along with, different ways they could have handled the situation. The fact that these two individuals had to work together due to the fact they were on the same team and were responsible for ensuring all class participants had the correct clearances and accesses before class.

Having a team be able to effectively work together regardless of their relationship greatly increases the impact on the organizations success and well as the overall workability of the office Assignment Details: Conduct internal and external research to determine previously attempted solutions and potential solutions that could be implemented to solve identified problem.

You will need to create an Excel spreadsheet that summarizes the data collection you have completed fabricate the information. The spreadsheet should indicate the date on which particular data were collected, the source of the data collected, the type of data qualitative or quantitativeand a one or two sentence summary of the data findings.

Please note that as part of the research process, taking the initiative to speak with management and then requesting and reviewing business metrics and operations reports will allow you to find the data you need for the project while also showing your employer that you can be proactive and use critical thinking to solve problems within the organization.

The first step in data collection is to conduct research. You are looking for specific, measurable data statistics and numbers related how the problem is affecting the organization.

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Use the Topic Materials for assistance with creating Excel graphs and charts that can be used to illustrate your findings. Next, conduct additional research to learn what has already been done to address this problem within the organization. Ask questions and interview individuals who assisted with the implementation of previous solutions used to address the problem.

Prior to meeting with individuals, develop a list of questions about previous solutions. Consider factors such as customer importance, efficiency, quality, employee satisfaction, and cost effectiveness.

You will want to make sure you ask questions that allow you to gather measurable data and include information about how successful previous solution options were in addressing each of the problems.

When you have completed your research, the findings should be summarized using at least one chart or graph that represents the data you have collected.

The last step in determining potential solutions is to conduct external research. Using Internet and industry resources, research ways that other companies have addressed this issue or one very similar to it. Look for specific information related to the customer response, efficiency, quality, employee satisfaction, and cost effectiveness of solutions others have implemented.

Find at least five potential solutions you can consider for solving the problem you have identified. Your goal in conducting this research is to find practical examples and measurable data related to how other companies and related industries have resolved the same problem or one very similar to it.The Year problem, also known as the Y2K problem, the Millennium bug, the Y2K bug, or Y2K, is a class of computer bugs related to the formatting and storage of calendar data for dates beginning in the year Problems were anticipated, and arose, because many programs represented four-digit years with only the final two digits — making.

Dec 28,  · The Center for Y2K and Society -- a division of the Tides Center in Washington, D.C. -- reports that small health care institutions are not able to afford Y2K changes.

five potential solutions you can consider for solving the problem you have identified.

Possible effects and solutions for the y2k issue

effect relationships in business processes for the company September 18, Forty percent of small businesses have yet to prepare for the Y2K computer crisis. Even if yours isn't one of them, you're not immune to bug bytes.

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