Mcafee case study

McAfee was experiencing siloed, disparate systems and technical limitations that were leading to process inefficiencies in their quoting, pricing, discounting, and approval operations. Negative Sales and Channel Partner Experience: Meanwhile, a competitor could get a quote back in a fraction of the time. There was little standardization in discounting policy and therefore customer discounting was inconsistent.

Mcafee case study

These cloud instances include infrastructure-as-a-service IaaS and platform-as-a-service PaaS. For the report, titled Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, McAfee analyzed billions of events in anonymized cloud production use to find the current state of cloud deployments and expose risks.

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In order to continue to accelerate their business, organizations need a cloud-native and frictionless way to consistently protect their data and defend from threats across the spectrum of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.

Organizations are at risk of the sensitive data being stolen or leaked in case a misconfigured cloud incident occurs.

Mcafee case study

Today, more and more organizations are using public cloud for providing new digital experiences to their customers. A right cloud strategy can include data loss protection, configuration audits, and collaboration controls. Further, organizations without cloud strategy are also exposing themselves to risk of noncompliance with internal and external regulations.

Cloud services like Office increase the effectiveness of collaboration, that involves sharing. However, uncontrolled sharing can result in data exposure. Top collaboration and file sharing services For last five years, an Office application is dominating the list of top 10 collaboration services, followed by G Suite services.

Since, it is costly to buy and maintain servers, organizations go for IaaS and PaaS. It gives IT teams the ability to spin up virtual machines, containers or functions as a service, as per the need. Azure and GCP account for 3.

McAfee study found that on average, enterprises using IaaS and PaaS had 14 misconfigured services running at any given time, resulting in an average of 2, misconfiguration incidents per month.

On average, an organization generates over 3. These threat events include compromised account, privileged user, insider threat etc. Such events have increased by McAfee Study For security of sensitive data in cloud storage, file-sharing and collaboration applications, enterprises will need to first understand the cloud services they are using.

Further, they must identify which services hold sensitive data, and how that data is being shared and with whom. When they know these things, they can push suitable security policies to prevent highly sensitive data from being stored in unapproved cloud services.

They also need to continuously audit and monitor their IaaS and PaaS configurations.3 Dli i b tDelivering best-of-bd dtbreed products and services that protect our IT systems and infrastructure Headquarters SSC,Canta Clara, California. Viscosity North America Case Study McAfee achieves a zero downtime migration of their most mission critical system.

For several years, McAfee had planned to move their CRM database from DB2 on AIX to Oracle on Linux, but there was always too much risk associated with doing the migration.

McAfee & Taft healthcare attorneys Elizabeth Dalton, Gregory Frogge and Patricia Rogers are featured speakers during the program, presenting "Advanced Stark and AKS Compliance: Case Studies and Hypotheticals." Topics include.

Technology security giants McAfee chose RB Design & Display to design and build their exhibition stand for Infosec Take a look at it here. Mar 25,  · Case study on the Effie awarding winning documentary series on the issue of cybercrime.

Mental Case Study By: Jenna Toupin & Amanda McAfee Nursing Diagnoses 1. Disturbed thought process r/t delusional thinking aeb client stating he has all-power.

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