How to write a notice to vacate letter to landlord

Written by Kimberlee Leonard; Updated August 01, When you intend to vacate an apartment, give the landlord proper notice, either 30 days or 60 days in advance of moving out, depending on the status and the terms of your contract. There is no difference in the structure of a versus day notice; only the time frame is different.

How to write a notice to vacate letter to landlord

Landlord-Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Please accept this written notice in accordance with the tenancy agreement as my intention to vacate the property on or before tenancy end date or date you intend to move. I will be cleaning the property to make sure to leave it in a good condition.

Please send me any specific move out cleaning instructions if you have any? I will remove my personal belongings and turn in my keys on or before tenancy end date or date you intend to move.

I would like to meet you at the property on the last day I am in possession of the keys, so that you have the opportunity to inspect the property in my company so that the final condition of the property can be agreed. Please could you contact me to confirm an appropriate time of day?

As you are aware, and in accordance to the tenancy deposit protection provisions, you will need to return my security deposit to me within 10 days, however, if you are able to return this to me anytime sooner it would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you soon regarding these matters.Title your letter "Notice of Inspection," or something similar.

Address the letter to the specific tenant whose dwelling you intend to inspect. Lease termination letters are used most commonly to allow a Tenant or Landlord to cancel a month-to-month lease agreement (also known as a ‘tenancy at will’).

A lease termination letter may also be used to attempt to cancel a lease if the Tenant or Landlord has violated their lease by submitting a notice to quit, although, in this case, either party will usually have a time period to. Security Deposits/Deductions For Damage (Georgia Laws to ) Protecting Your Deposit A.

Under the Security Deposit Act, a landlord must refund all security deposits if the tenant has complied. Use our sample 'Intent to Vacate Letter Template.' Read it or download it for free.

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how to write a notice to vacate letter to landlord

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how to write a notice to vacate letter to landlord

Write an Article Request a New Article Answer a Request More Ideas this notice fulfills the . Landlords can avoid misunderstandings and legal headaches by sending tenants a notice when it's time for them to move out. A letter that tells a tenant to move out is known as a notice to generally want to send the letter toward the end of a lease period -- or beforehand, if the tenant has violated lease terms.

To write a day notice to vacate, consult your lease, date and address your letter, and state your intention clearly.

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Include your reason for leaving, a proposed walk-through inspection date and your contact information. Finish by signing the letter. Read through your lease to remind yourself of.

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