Halo 4 vs cod bo2

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Halo 4 vs cod bo2

It is not nearly the same game over again like Black Ops 2 is with the others of the Call of Duty series.

What game do u think will be better halo 4 or BO2?

Just because Halo 4 is set in a future that is much more distant than Black Ops 2 is, does not mean that CoD gets the nod for realism. Halo 4 actually should get the nod. Sure, the past of Halo 4 is definitely far fetched, but at least has finally given a viable explanation for a respawn in multiplayer I know, a FPS, versus people who are as much the good guys as you are, explained by mere battle simulation is not the most elaborate explanation, but at least took the time to mention it, and to explain why.

And while the gameplay that exists in Spartan Ops is nowhere near as addictive as Black Ops' Zombies', the storyline is a million times more gripping than the Zombies'. Moreover, the storyline of Halo 4's campaign was the most anticipated campaign we have ever seen, and it more than lived up to the hype, blowing Black Ops 2's out of the water.


More to that point, Halo 4's storyline reflected not some random, out of left field plot, but the fan fiction that had blossomed during and after the original trilogy. In short, in the course of one game, proved itself a more competent game developer than Treyarch, and in my opinion even the old Activision of MW2, often considered the high point of the CoD series, because actually listens to its fan base.

It also has been morphing the online experience to best fit the players' preferences. The return of old game types that weren't on the original list due to requests made by the fans were great improvements.

Halo 4 vs cod bo2

April 4, Posts:Dec 09,  · Both are good and offer completely different ways too play. Halo 4 has better game play but it has terrible sound and worse graphics.

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Call of Duty BO2 it feels like you are really in a war zone. Nov 28,  · Halo 4 vs black ops 2.

Halo 4 vs cod bo2

Halo, some people waste their lives on it, well then there is the guy who played something hours straight on BO2 COD . Nov 28,  · Halo 4 vs black ops 2.

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IGN Boards I say black ops 2 i like halo 4 but im a huge cod fan though its everybody's opinion on which game is the best! Sid3wwayz44, Nov 14, Oct 30,  · Halo 4 Because CoD has the same shit over and over and the only thing decent about it is multiplayer (which PISSES me off) I like halo alot better cause you dont die from bullshit it .

Oct 31,  · It would probably sell better than any COD game! I'm getting both halo 4 and bo2. I'm only excited for codbo2 because of the zombies! Halo 4 will have a better campaign, and halo has been known for their multiplayer as well. I'm more excited all around for halo 4 because of how has changed the way it looks and the new gameplay Status: Resolved. Halo 4 was certainly better to me in that regard but BO2 was quite good as well. Probably the strongest COD campaign since the first Modern Warfare. People have been looking at them as competitors (which they are) but I look at them as complimenting each other really. I think CoD vs. Halo fanboi fights are as asinine as Democrat vs. Republican debates - because they're two polar opposites and there's no point in debating, but honestly in terms of "new" material, both Halo 4 and BO2 are pretty fresh.

Nov 13,  · Halo 4 had a better rating then Black Ops 2, don't ever look at IGN ratings people. They always seem to give CoD a 10 but all the other games are lowered, then looking at other reviews. CoD always gets a low rating, most people just enjoy Black Ops 2 because of arteensevilla.com: Resolved.

Dec 02,  · Halo 4 VS Black Ops II Qual o melhor jogo na sua opinião? sei que são dois títulos um pouquinho distantes mas o COD se aproximou mais do halo buscando o .

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