Esteban rael doctoral thesis

Agronomy Research is biannually published peer-reviewed international Journal intended for publication broad-spectrum original articles, reviews and short communications in actual problems of modern agriculture incl.

Esteban rael doctoral thesis

Otmar Hilliges Per Ola Kristensson This course introduces computational methods in human--computer interaction. Computational interaction methods use computational thinking -- abstraction, automation, and analysis -- to explain and enhance interaction.

This course introduces optimization and probabilistic inference as principled methods. Lectures center on hands-on Python programming, interleaving theory and practical examples. Reflexive Ethnographies in Human-Computer Interaction: Theory and Practice Amon Rapp This course aims at introducing some key issues in contemporary ethnographic practice, emphasizing the role of the writing style and the epistemic position of the fieldworker in shaping a particular perspective on the observed phenomena.

It outlines the theoretical assumptions that lie behind the traditional "realist position" of HCI ethnographies to propose methodological tools for conducting and writing reflexive ethnographies, valuing the role of the ethnographer and her subjective experiences.

Allison Aggression manifests in many forms online e. Through a series of four studies, my doctoral research explores how social norms develop and evolve in online communities, and how these may give rise to cyber-aggression.

Informing the Design of Personal Informatics Technologies for Unpredictable Chronic Conditions Amid Ayobi Personal informatics technologies, such as consumer fitness tracking devices, have an enormous potential to transform the self-management of chronic conditions.

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However, it is unclear how people living with relapsing and progressive illnesses experience personal informatics tools in everyday life: This research informs the design of future health tracking technologies through an ethnographic design study of the use and experience of personal informatics tools in multiple sclerosis MS self-management.

Exploring The Relationship Between VR Immersion, Adaptive Resistance and Physical Exertion Joey Campbell The objective of this research is to examine the relationships that exist between immersion, adaptive resistance and physical exertion.

It explores, through physiological gaming interventions whether decoupling human and machine haptics, when undertaking physical activity, in an immersive environment, may facilitate increased physical output.

On Designing Content Recommender Systems for Online News Media Abhijnan Chakraborty Due to the enormous amount of information being carried over online systems today, no user can access all such information. Therefore, to help the users, all major online organizations deploy information retrieval content recommendation, search or ranking systems to find important information.

Current information retrieval systems have to make certain design choices.

Esteban rael doctoral thesis

Similarly, recommendation systems over user generated contents e. However, such design choices can introduce unintended biases in the contents presented to the users. For example, the recommended contents may have poor quality or less news value, or the news discourse may get hijacked by hyper-active demographic groups.

In this thesis, we want to systematically measure the effect of such design choices in the content recommendation systems, and build alternate recommendation systems that mitigate the biases in the recommendation output.

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Computational Methods to Understand Deviant Mental Wellness Communities Stevie Chancellor My research uses computational methods to understand deviant online communities to assess their health and well-being. My prior work studies the pro-eating disorder community, a specific deviant community that glorifies disordered eating behaviors.

In my dissertation, I expand on this work in three ways:HB Public Access to Course Information Search Page Summer Sep 08, Presented his doctoral dissertation about collective suicide in He is a specialist on the study of new religions and did his PhD thesis on the inner teachings of Sun Myung Moon.

He has been interviewed frequently by the media including BBC radio, Finnish television, CBC Radio, The Los Angeles Times, CBC television, Syrian television. Don Rael. Santa Fe, Essentials, HAZMat Ops Technician, 1st Responder University of South Florida – M.P.A.- unfinished Thesis, Public Administration Indiana State University Michigan State University – Post Doctoral Fellow, Nursing Wayne State University – PhD, Nursing Madonna University esteban rael doctoral thesis harvard college world war ii the road to war dbq essay essay questions George Washington Carver It gave a short overview of peanut crop production and contained a list of Ed., The Booker T.

Washington Papers, Volume. The authors introduce the topic of part noise and oscillators from the first actual rules, and hold the reader to a really intuitive circuit-driven thought of part noise in LC oscillators.

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the idea offered contains either thermal and flicker noise results. in line with Hegazi, Rael, and Abidi's mechanistic concept, a .

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Esteban rael doctoral thesis

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