Essay on effect of drug abuse

Contacts Substance Abuse Substance abuse, also known as drug abuse, is very prevalent in many countries. The World Health Organization WHO defines a drug as any substance or product that modifies the behavior of a person for the benefit of the recipient. Substance abuse, on the other hand, is the drug use other than for the intended purpose in a manner that damages the physical functioning of the body. This essay talks about substance abuse with regard to the types of drugs, drug use and government efforts to curb substance abuse.

Essay on effect of drug abuse

The theory implies that there is a causal mechanism that biologically sensitizes drug users, making them more willing to try—and more desirous of—harder drugs. Research shows that the vast majority of marijuana users do not go on to use hard drugs.

Most stop using after entering the adult social world of family and work. So why is it still part of the rhetoric and controversy surrounding the drug?

A closer look reveals the historical roots—and vested interests—that are keeping the myth alive. Poverty and poor social environment is a gateway to drugs, according to much research. Association with people who use hard drugs is a better predictor of harder drug use.

Certain mental illnessessuch as antisocial personality and bipolar disorderare found to predispose some people to use drugs. Other research notes that criminalization and prohibition are real gateways to harder drugs. But what about all that evidence?

Most of the research linking marijuana to harder drug use comes from the correlation between the two. However, as any junior scientist can tell you, correlation does not mean causation. Correlation is a first step.

Essay on effect of drug abuse

A correlation can be positive or negative; it can be weak or strong. And it never means a cause unless a rational reason for causality is found. The brain disease modelwhich describes changes in the brain during the progression from drug use to addiction, currently gets a lot of attention as a potential causal link of the gateway theory.

The reasoning goes that this would predispose them to use other drugs. But other researchers were quick to point out the flaws of the Gilman study, such as a lack of careful controls for alcohol and other drug use by those whose brains were studied. In another study supporting the gateway theory, the authors admit to limitations in their study: This means that those cases that might provide evidence of no gateway effect were left out of the analysis.

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Unfortunately, the common thread among these studies is that much of them come from outside the U. As Nathan Greenslit explained in an Atlantic article last year, U.

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The Nixon administration strengthened drug control with the creation of the Drug Enforcement Agency, which classified marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, against the advice of the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse.

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Essay on effect of drug abuse

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Following is a list of topics for persuasive essay can use these essay prompts for your own essay writing or edit them to your liking.. Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids. The Effects of Drug Abuse on Society. The drugs that are beneficial to humanity may also be the same drugs that are detrimental to mankind.

It is of no argument that drugs are created to cure diseases and to alleviate human condition; however people may misuse over-the-counter drugs and this is called drug abuse. DMT is a hallucinogenic and psychedelic drug that occurs naturally in many plants and animals.

It is also known as the spirit molecule due to the intense reaction some people experience after.

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The use of drugs is a controversial topic in society today. In general, addicts show a direct link between taking drugs and suffering from their effects. People abuse drugs for a wide variety of reasons.

In most cases, the use of drugs will serve a type of purpose or will give some kind of reward.

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