Conavia and ridgway furniture ltd essay

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Conavia and ridgway furniture ltd essay

Hire Writer The firm is also recognized for its own special furniture styles. To produce its furniture, the firm uses the latest In modern technology. However, although the firm has kept on growing since then, the rate of growth is now much slower.


Connie Carson, who has been with the company since its start, is the head of the Furniture Design Department.

Carson Is regarded as one of the pillars of this organization, because of the many contributions she has made toward the growth of the enterprise. Until five years ago, Carson had a small staff of eight employees engaged in the task of creating new furniture designs, five of them male and three female.

They were all handpicked, bright young Individuals. They were all highly creative, and most of them had received formal training In the art of furniture design at various immunity colleges. In addition to these 19 employees, Carson had hired John Gilbert as her assistant.

Conavia and Ridgway Furniture Ltd Essay - Option A: Conavia and Ridgway Furniture Ltd. Ridgway Furniture is a manufacturing organization that rapidly grew from a small scale operation to more than people. Browse through Critical Essays on thousands of literary works to find resources for school projects and papers. Ridgway Furniture Limited The firm enjoys a good reputation in the furniture industry, and its products, sold in the medium-to-high price range, are considered good quality products by the general public.

HIS title was somewhat vague, but It Is believed Carson created this position so the new man could help her run the department. It was expected that Gilbert would relieve Carson of much of the supervisory work and also take care of many administrative details, thus releasing Carson to perform developmental work, relate to customers, and plan for the future.

John Gilbert was hired from outside the film, and was regarded as particularly suitable for the position because of his supervisory experience as well as his knowledge of furniture design.

He shared a large office with the other artists and designers. The relationships in the department were very informal and people felt free to approach Carson any time they wanted.

The employees liked Carson as a boss because she was always willing to listen to their ideas as well as their problems. A young and dynamic person by the name of Martin Starker was chosen for the newly created position. Starker was well respected in the industry for his designing ability, and had come to the company with excellent credentials.

It was believed that he would bring new totality to the group and would be responsible for the training of his workers. It was also expected that his work group would gradually increase in size, as there appeared to b a strong demand for the kind of furniture they were designing.

In the new organizational structure, Starker was responsible to Gilbert for his work, but as usual he would have free access to Carson, the head of the department. It was assumed that the other employees would report directly to Gilbert and also receive their instructions from him.

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During the next two years, some interesting practices and patterns of legislations developed in this organization. While it was understood that some of the employees would report to Gilbert and some to Starker, it did not seem to work that way in practice.

The designers had acquired the habit of keeping in touch with Carson for almost everything they did and they looked to her for all sorts of decisions. They even approached Carson with relatively insignificant work-related problems that could have been handled by Gilbert or Starker.

The six designers working under Starker kept on going to Carson for every little detail. With the best of intentions, or rapes for expediency, Carson went along with this by resolving their problems.

Carson never turned the designers away or referred them to the supervisors concerned.

Conavia and Ridgway Furniture Ltd

Perhaps because he had been hired by Carson, or, more likely, because he was easier to talk to, Starker also frequently approached Carson directly with his problems, rather than going to Gilbert.

Since Starker was fairly new to the company, he preferred to lie owe and adopt a do-nothing approach. In fact, he had never seriously tried to assert his position as a supervisor, except recently when he had a showdown with his group, who were now openly defying his authority.

As a result of this incident, Carson arranged a meeting attended by the six designers, Starker, Gilbert and herself. During the meeting, Starker was accused by the designers of not being around when help was needed.

They also complained that Starker had made very little effort to train them in design techniques. Two of them complained of not getting straight answers room him to many of the questions they had raised in the past. Starker responded by saying that he was involved with a lot of other work, which caused him to overlook some of the immediate routine activities.

Starker took a defensive approach during this confrontation. Strangely enough, Gilbert never said a word. Carson pointed out to the designers that, in accordance with the organizational structure, they were responsible to Starker and they should go to him with their problems.

It was also suggested by Carson that another meeting should be arranged to be attended by the remaining employees, Gilbert and Carson, so that the departmental policies could be clarified with them.

In ten meantime another development Ana taken place. I en president, DICK Percales, had informed Carson that the company would soon undertake a major expansion program, creating an additional position for a vice president.

The president had made it clear that he would like Carson to take over the new position. Carson felt that Gilbert had lately become quite uninvolved and uninterested in the affairs of the department. It was Carson herself who was dealing with all of the administrative work as well as carrying out the necessary supervision of the employees.Browse through Critical Essays on thousands of literary works to find resources for school projects and papers.

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REQUEST TO REMOVE Ridgway Main Street Furniture & Flooring, Ridgway PA In case of Stickley’s Furniture, the production process can be divided into two stages, such as: 1) uniform tasks, such as sawing of tools and identifying of faults in the equipment 2) gluing the unassembled furniture to convert idle pieces of wood and forming varied sized furniture as per the order from the customer.

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Conavia and ridgway furniture ltd essay

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Financial Case Study on the Quality Furniture Company ; Recent Cases. The Eternal Plague. Get your custom essay sample. Ridgway Furniture Limited The firm enjoys a good reputation in the furniture industry, and its products, sold in the medium-to-high price range, are considered good quality products by the general public.

Ridgeway Furniture LTD Case Analysis Executive Summary This report was instructed by the owners of the Ridgway Furniture limited, to explore recommendations that will lead to increased performance and reduced dilemma between the administration and the supervisors of the subordinate team in the industry.

This will reinforce motivation and .

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