Christina and pagan elements in beowulf

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Christina and pagan elements in beowulf

Most often He has guided the man without friends" Throughout the story of Beowulfone finds many elements of Christian philosophy: However, there is also a strong sense of heroic pride within Beowulf which is at times in direct conflict with these Christian values.

Thus, we see the dichotomies of pride vs. But he also teaches the lessons of Christian philosophy: Throughout the story Beowulf repeatedly acknowledges God as his protector. Further exemplified by the powerfully stated "most often He has guided the man without friends" 1.

In addition to earthly protection, there is also the sense that all earthly good, be it success or wealth, derives from God.

But he does not take credit for this perception. The credit is given to God: And later in the passage, Hrothgar tells Beowulf that even the status of king is achieved through the grace of God. When telling of Heremod, a king who falls victim to pride and selfishness, Hrothgar tells Beowulf "he turned away from the joys of men, alone, notorious king, although mighty God had raised him in power, in the joys of strength, had set him up over all men" 4.

And again, "It is a wonder to say how in His great spirit God gives wisdom to mankind, land and earlship. He possesses power over all things. At times He lets the thought of a man of high lineage move in delight" 5. The true power lies with God.

Any "delight" that a man enjoys here on earth is achieved only through the grace of God. Moreover, Hrothgar tells Beowulf that earthly success, given by God, must be handled with humility and a sense of sharing or the earthly king will bring on his own doom.

Hrothgar tells Beowulf of a selfish king: The phrase "he covets" is strongly reminiscent of the Christian Ten Commandmentsthat material desire leads to wanting more and more until nothing will suffice. Thus, a good king is willing to share his earthly possessions; he is one who "recklessly gives precious gifts, not fearfully guard them" 5.

Hrothgar tells Beowulf that life itself is a gift from God, that even the human body is "loaned" 5. Aristotle and Augustine There is a dichotomy of values in Beowulf: Beowulf is a man who boasts, yet he also has wisdom and humility.

Christina and pagan elements in beowulf

On the one hand Beowulf is reminded that pride will bring destruction:Christian and Pagan Virtues Displayed in Beowulf Essay; Christian and Pagan Virtues Displayed in Beowulf Essay. Words 5 Pages. Cara Chards CHRISTIAN AND PAGAN ELEMENTS IN BEOWULF The poem Beowulf is full of Pagan and Christian elements, this combination gave place to many discutions about the origin of the .

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Being evil doesn't always mean hatred and negativity 24/7. Even evil characters (and real people) can find someone to love. Often, that love is twisted, a cause for villainy, or an act but sometimes a work can show an evil character's love is genuine and deep.

This serves to humanize the character, to give the hero doubts about fighting him/her, or to provide a weakness for the hero to exploit. the end Is Beowulf a pagan work with Christian elements added?

OR Is Beowulf a Christian work with pagan references? Christian Elements vs Pagan Elements.


Pagan beliefs in Beowulf Pagan vs. Christian Pagan examples are scattered all in the text of Beowulf. It is believed that the story Beowulf was told by mouth till a christian monk wrote it down changing some of the elements to more christian viewpoint.

Thats why theres a mix of pagan an christian in the text today. Full transcript. HOTLINKS: MISCELLANEOUS SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY/HORROR FILMS My Competitors: other websites of film lists X-Rated Sci-Fi/Fantasy Videos Sci-Fi Attacks on Los Angeles See also TIME TRAVEL: MOVIES AND TV-MOVIES ABOUT TIME TRAVEL OR TIME-LOOPS, below.

In Augustine's City of God, he attacks pagan culture and its pantheon of gods, blaming them for the decadence of society. It is Augustine's ideas that we see in Beowulf, tempering the heroic arrogance of the great warrior.

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